About Us

All of the photographs, captions, and weather information are from the works of the late Louis D Rubin, Sr. internationally recognized weather expert and author of Forecasting the Weather (Franklin Watts Co. 1970) and The Weather Wizard's Cloud Book (Algonquin Books, 1984) plus numerous articles on clouds and weather forecasting. The language has been carefully simplified so the materials can be easily understood by children and laymen alike. 

The International cloud charts show 35 different cloud formations around the world, coded and indexed with official World Meteorological Organization names and numbers. A caption under each photograph describes the clouds, and simplified weather forecasting information is also included. 

The unique products have been approved and endorsed by the US and Canadian weather bureaus, as eel as Weather Bureaus from New Zealand, England, France, Holland, Italy, Germany, Spain, and South Africa. They currently in use by the US Army, US Navy, US Coast Guard, US Air Force, USGC Power Squadrons, Federal Aviation Administration, and the American Meteorological Society. With the approval of the National Science Teachers Associations, they are used in hundreds of schools and colleges for general science, geoscience and meteorology courses. 

These charts have been printed in seven languages and distributed in nine countries.

Rubin's cloud photographs have been used in four major encyclopedias and numerous school and university textbooks, as well as in numerous media, including the Readers Digest.